Sedition Magazine Vol.3 Justin French

Annual (Limited Edition)

Sedition Magazine

$20 USD

In this third issue they set off around the world to photograph beautiful and dangerous youth with attitudes ON DISPLAY. These kids are REBELLION. They are the RIOT. THEY WILL incite you to kick back against authority and the status quo.

The issue features a special edition cover and VERY JUICY coming of age INTERVIEW with eponymous fashion designer RICK OWENS as well as an editorial retrospective photographed by artists Sofie Middernacht and Maarten Alexander. Two additional covers, art directed by SEDITION’s intrepid Creative Director Lana Jay Lackey, feature Indira Scott lensed by Justin French, and Alina Bolotina photographed by Tyler Kohlhoff.

Many of these pages are cut, pasted, stapled, and stickered. Our fashion stories employ a love for the contemporary and a nod to the past, boldly re-contextualizing garments and models within a sweetly anarchist context. A collection of sneaker sniffing boys from Russian born, artist and deviant, Slava Mogutin, supernatural trailer park pictures from Moni Haworth and Zara Mirkin, Parisian 12 o’clock boyz from Nadine Fraczkowski, and Hui Li bucking the Chinese norm and documenting female sexual expression. Additional editorials feature multi-cast groups of youth from New York City, Los Angeles, London, Istanbul, Paris and Kiev.