Autre Magazine Issue 6 MILAN ZRNIC

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Autre’s Fall/Winter 2018 issue looks towards the bright and beautiful future with bountiful, blind optimism, and no particular theme. Architect John C. Portman set the stage for this futuristic positivity in 1974 when he broke ground on his hyperspatial postmodernist masterpiece, The Westin Bonaventure. In this issue, we consider the hotel as a symbol of Los Angeles as a city of the future, and the collective energy of changing topographies and attitudes in the cultural industrial complex. We also look at the new westward migration as a sort of nouveau manifest destiny for the art and fashion sectors. We speak to legendary Chinese artist Ai Weiwei who will descend on Los Angeles with three major solo exhibitions in the hopes of utilizing the influence and fantasy factory of the city’s talent industry to promote his humanitarian efforts, particularly the refugee crisis.