Space Magazine Issue 5 Camille Bidault-Waddington


Space Magazine

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In the fifth issue of Space Magazine we go in search of unique people in unexpected places. It started with an anecdote by BruceWeber in his book Blood, Sweat and Tears. In the early days, when Bruce was starting out, he stopped by Life Magazine to borrow equipment for a shoot. One of the photographers in the of we asked him what kind of photos he was taking. Bruce answered: “Pictures of girls in bathing suits.”The room burst out in laugher to them his work seemed trivial and unserious. Bruce didn’t get upset, he wrote years later: ‘That’s when I knew that as a photographer I didn’t want people to stop laughing with me.’

Publisher: Space Magazine; edited by: Frederik Bjerregaard; language: english; pages: 96; size: 9 x 12 in; binding: soft cover.